Terms & Conditions

The organisation is a UK registered charity (1002840) that is run entirely by volunteers. Governance of Advanced Drivers East Midlands (ADEM) is through the committee which is consists of a Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Training Officer; and a number of ordinary members. The committee meets monthly, and minutes etc are available upon request. There is an Annual General Meeting each year in November which all members of any class (see below) are able to attend and have the opportunity to guide the direction of the group.

Definition of a Member …

Membership is open to anyone who holds a UK driving licence. Ideally, a potential member will have at least one year of driving experience before joining ADEM. In order for membership to be active, the member must have paid the membership fee for the year. Membership comes in three classes: Full, Honorary and Associate.

Full membership is available for members who have passed the RoSPA Advanced Driving test. Associate membership is for people working towards passing the RoSPA Advanced Driving test. Honorary membership may be granted by the committee to a person who has made a significant contribution to ADEM, or road safety generally. Honorary membership may be granted for a fixed term, or for life for either class of membership.

Membership fees are paid by Full and Associate Members. Fees are decided each year by the committee, and approved at the AGM.

Expectations of Members

When taking part in any ADEM activity, members of all classes should …

  • Ensure they are fit to drive.
  • Behave professionally at all times and treat others with respect and consideration.
  • Avoid categorising anyone in a demeaning way according to their race, religion, sex, gender, vehicle type, clothing style.
  • Avoid being sarcastic, opinionated or aggressive.
  • Avoid inappropriate language and comments that could be misconstrued or create offence.
  • Avoid physical contact except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting (for example shaking hands).
  • Not knowingly break any other laws.
  • Be fair and honest.
  • Not adversely criticise any other member, trainer, examiner or road safety organisation .
  • Maintain their vehicle, and ensure it conforms to legal roadworthiness. The vehicle must also be taxed, insured, and have a valid MOT certificate if appropriate. Proof of these must be provided if requested by an officer of the committee.

Any member is eligible to be nominated to serve on the ADEM committee. Election of committee members occurs at the AGM which always occurs in November. The Officer roles (Chair; Vice- Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Training Officer) may only be filled by full, or full honorary members.

Additional Specific Expectations of Associate members

It is expected that Associates will …

  • Attend guidance (training) sessions on a regular basis, and be on time.
  • notify ADEM if they cannot attend a training session.
  • Be receptive to the Tutors assessments, comments and guidance
  • Read the training materials provided.
  • Put into practice material learnt at guidance sessions whenever they drive.
  • Work towards taking the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test.
  • Utilise the training time as an opportunity to showcase your driving skills, and what you have learnt.
  • Be responsible for their driving actions.

Additional Specific Expectations of Full members

As Advanced Drivers, there are higher expectations. As such, all full members should …

• Be an advocate of advanced driving and road safety.

• Be a role model in relation to advanced driving.

Additional Specific Expectations of Tutors (all levels)

Tutors not only have a duty to look after themselves but also to care for the Associates receiving their instructions. A Group Tutor should be able to identify potentially dangerous situations and take action to protect the less experienced Associate, it is, however, important to note that the Associate is responsible for their own driving at all times. Group Tutors should be able to identify the level of competence of each student and adapt their tutoring accordingly.

Tutors must:

  • Be a member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders.
  • Be a member of ADEM.
  • Hold a current gold or silver advanced driving test grade.
  • Have a full driving licence for the type of vehicle used in tutoring.
  • Satisfy themselves that the person they are tutoring has a valid driving licence and their vehicle is road legal.
  • Understand Data Protection law and not breach the principles.
  • Give feedback that is fair, honest and relevant.
  • Set the scene with the person they are tutoring (e.g., agree when and where the tutoring will take place).
  • Be on time.
  • Not criticise in any demeaning way any other trainer, examiner or road safety organisation.
  • Set the standard – trainees will copy their tutor.
  • Not charge for providing tutoring

Cessation of membership

Membership will automatically cease if the appropriate fees are not paid. In addition, membership may be terminated by the member at any time, but the balance of any fees paid will be forfeit. The committee of ADEM may terminate a person’s membership under certain circumstances (see below).

Expulsion by the Committee

The Committee may terminate the membership of any Group Member on the grounds that the Member’s continued membership would be harmful to the Group as a whole. If upheld, a complaint regarding a breach of these terms and conditions would normally be seen as a valid reason for expulsion.

This option would not be taken lightly, and would only be take in extreme circumstances. See the Dispute and Resolution section below.

Should the committee feel they need to expel a member, they must notify the Member in writing of their possible removal from Group membership. The Member must be given the opportunity to submit written representation to the Committee within 14 days of receiving notice, explaining why they should not be expelled. The Committee must consider any such written representations when making a final decision about expelling the Member. A decision to terminate membership shall only be valid following a Committee majority vote.

Dispute and Resolution

If any member has a complaint, they should put their complaint in writing directly to the ADEM Committee. This can be done in writing or by email to either the Chair or the Secretary. Emails should be sent to chair@adem.org.uk or secretary@adem.org.uk.

Complainants can reasonably expect …

  • An acknowledgement of their complaint within 14 days of receipt, and an indication of the date upon which their complaint will be discussed. Normally complaints will be dealt with at the next committee meeting, though in exceptional circumstances an extra committee meeting may be called.
  • A prompt request for any further evidence or clarification that may be required,
  • A full and frank explanation of the investigation and action taken (or to be taken), normallywithin 30 days of the complaint being received. If this cannot be achieved, the complainant will be notified promptly, and given an indication of the likely timescale.