About Us

Who We are.

We are a new organisation, founded in May 2018. However we have been in existence for many years. It was originally founded in the early 1980's, and then in the early 1990's it became a charitable organisation known as East Midlands RoSPA .

Our sole aim is to help drivers improve their driving skills and road safety generally.

Advanced Drivers East Midlands is a registered charity and the charity number is 1183792

Who runs the Advanced Drivers East Midlands?

We are all volunteers who want to help improve Road Safety for our communities. Heading up organisation is our Leadership Team who are the registered Trustees of the charity. These are the people who make all the decisions as they are legally responsible for the organisation to the Charity Commission.

The Trustees are always willing to hear the opinions of the non-voting membership.

To see details of our Trustees, please click here

Most of our volunteers are the Tutors and Advanced Tutors.

Social Media

We put a lot of updates about what we are doing, and have done, on social media. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Find us by searching for @advdrivingem or look at our home page as we have our facebook feed there.