Our Charitable Organisation has years of experience in helping all sorts of people become Advanced Drivers.

Covid 19 precautions.

In order to ensure the covid safety of people attending the driving sessions, we have introduced the following requirements ...

  • Please do not attend if you have any of the Covid symptoms or have been instructed to isolate.

  • Any person attending our session should have a suitable face covering and must agree to wear it.

  • Hands should be sanitized on arrival. & temperatures maybe taken and recorded.

  • Social distancing is to be maintained.

  • In car training will be refused if the inside your vehicle it is found to be unclean, untidy or cluttered.

  • During drives, windows will be required to be open sufficiently to allow fresh air to pass through the cabin. (we are aware this may not be possible for all members - due to health conditions).

  • There will be a number of Clear Visors available for members to purchase at £2.00 each, these are classed as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and maybe an alternative to wearing a mask whist driving if glasses steam up.

  • Please ensure you have proof of double or triple vaccination with you. Unfortunately at this time persons who are not double or triple vaccinated against Covid 19 are unable to attend.

  • ADEM Trustees & Tutors reserve the right to refuse admission and or in-car training should in our opinion you present a health concern to the membership.

A Skill For Life

The roads have changed over the years, and your car may have changed too, but what about your driving skills?

Maybe an accident or being caught speeding has made you think it is time to update your driving skills. Advanced Driving will help protect you and your family, and help you really enjoy your driving.

Two Centres

Advanced Drivers East Midlands operates in two areas. One in Derby, and a second team in Stoke on Trent. Both the centres operate on alternate Sundays and are staffed by experienced volunteer Tutors.

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Open To Everyone

We strongly believe that membership is open to anyone who wishes to improve their driving. The only condition we have is that you must have a full UK driving licence.

Irrespective of age, race, gender, religion, sexuality, you are welcome.

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